Lysistrata’s Story

Here goes: After about a week of prodromal labor (labor that starts & stops), the day came on a Friday, two days after the due date. Darla, our midwife & friLissa Kingend, visited us every morning in the days before you were born. On Thursday, your dad & I had hiked to the peace sign & walked to Meadowsweet Herbs which tuckered mom right out. My senses were heightened that day. Everything smelled & tasted amazing which was, I suppose, somewhat enhanced by the eating & smelling of wonderful things (El Diablo fish tacos, Bernice’s lavender cupcake, herbal tea, essential oils, etc).

So the next day, labor started again at 1pm-ish on Friday & I wasn’t ready to get too excited since this had been occurring nearly every day for a week but, after an hour or so I sensed this was different & called your dad home from work, hoping it wasn’t a false alarm (because he could only get so many days off & I wanted them all to be with you on the outside). Things started to feel more serious by 3pm & Darla came back over. I became keenly aware that it was not stopping this time.

Your brother & sister got home from school. At first we asked them to just go about their day, but after an hour or so, your dad told me Bren was meditating outside t

he door to our room. I thought she should come in if she’d like to. Brenna was there the rest of the evening and was tremendously helpful. Mom labored in bed. Dad rubbed my back & I chanted through the contractions which helped me stay relaxed (which really helps labor move along – we can discuss the physics of all this in another forum). Darla set the tone & it was a beautiful one. We told stories & laughed in between contractions.

At 7:15 you were born, almost in the bag of waters (or caul), but Darla broke it just as you were on your way out. Mom felt pretty damn relieved that this part of the thing was over. Your cry was strong & we soon found everything about you was strong & healthy… and also very sweet & endearing. We all hung out & enjoyed our first moments with you. Full of peace & gratitude, we were also just super comfortable because we were in our own “cave”, so to speak. There is something absolutely primal about baby-having & it is pretty neat to have the opportunity to embrace that fully. We all love you to the moon!

Jana Inga Oboe King