Home Birth

We will come to your home when you believe you are in active labor.  We monitor your health by regularly checking your “vital signs,” as well as your general appearance, mental state, and energy level.


03 moment of rest

During the course of labor, we may make suggestions to help move things along normally and keep you in good health. We listen to the baby’s heartbeat at regular intervals to make sure he or she is tolerating labor well.  We limit routine vaginal exams, and as long as mother and baby are doing fine, there is no set “timeclock” for how long or short labor should be.

When the baby is born, he or she is normally never separated from you. We will stay by your side and continue to monitor your health until you are both completely stable and comfortable. We will help you get started breastfeeding as soon as possible, and make sure you are clean and comfortable. An hour or two after birth, we perform a thorough physical exam of your newborn, including weight and length. We clean up the birth room and make sure you have plenty to eat and drink, that your family knows how to take care of you and your newborn, and when to call us if problems arise. We usually stay at your home for about six hours after the birth, unless for some reason it seems prudent to remain longer.