Prenatal Care

Services Regular, personalized prenatal care is the key to a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery.At Tierra Madre Midwifery, prenatal visits are about an hour long, and include information and counseling about nutrition, exercise, preparing for childbirth and parenthood, babies and breastfeeding, or anything else you may want to talk about. Clients and their families have plenty… Continue reading Prenatal Care

Home Birth

We will come to your home when you believe you are in active labor.  We monitor your health by regularly checking your “vital signs,” as well as your general appearance, mental state, and energy level.   During the course of labor, we may make suggestions to help move things along normally and keep you in… Continue reading Home Birth

Hospital Labor Support

Services Home birth is not for every mother or for every situation.  A hospital may be a more appropriate delivery setting for any number of reasons but mothers still need the support and advocacy of a skilled labor assistant. Midwives excel at labor support, and can help a woman birthing in the hospital deliver her… Continue reading Hospital Labor Support

Breastfeeding Support

It takes time for new mothers and their little ones to get the hang of nursing, and sometimes even experienced mothers have trouble. I believe that every mother can successfully breastfeed and produce plenty of high-quality milk for their baby. I have reams of information and suggestions to share, and will take all the time… Continue reading Breastfeeding Support

Postpartum Support

We offer postpartum care for twelve weeks after birth. We will come back to your home for postpartum visits at one, three, and seven days after delivery, and schedule visits for three, six, and twelve weeks postpartum.   We prepare records for your baby’s health care provider, including lab results from the standard “newborn heel… Continue reading Postpartum Support